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Seasoning a Stove-top Espresso Maker

A stove-top espresso maker should be seasoned before it's used for the first time. Like a brand new car, where you keep the revs low for the first 1,000 miles, a stove-top should be gently eased into its coffee making duties.

Why season a stove-top espresso maker?

By seasoning a stove-top, you flush out any residue from the manufacturing process and allow the washer, which prevents water escaping from between the upper and low part of the pot, to bed in and form a tight seal.

When should a stove-top espresso maker be seasoned?

As well as when new, a stove-top should be seasoned after any internal part has been replaced (such as the washer, filter plate or filter funnel) or when it hasn't been used for a while. Seasoning may also rescue a stove-top which has been damaged after being left on the stove too long, flushing out nuances of burnt rubber (obviously, replace the damaged washer first).

How to season a stove-top espresso maker

Seasoning a stove-top is simple. On the first three brews, prepare the stove-top as usual, but only fill the water tank with 2/3rds of the maximum amount of water and the filter basket 2/3rds full of coffee. Throw the resulting coffee away. After these three brews your stove-top is ready to work at full capacity and the resulting coffee can be enjoyed.

Seasoning a Stove-top Espresso Maker